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Finding a business partner abroad is not easy. How to identify the right partner in your target country? How to promote your company to foreign companies looking for new contacts, without embarking on expensive marketing campaigns? How to ensure the reliability of the company identified through internet searches?

Enterprise Europe Network answers these questions through a personalised and free service to SME customers. Enterprise Europe Network manages the largest online database of business opportunities in Europe. Enterprise Europe Network’s new partnership opportunity platform helps you find a partner abroad for your business. Two complementary options are offered to SMEs:

  • Disseminate your company profile on Enterprise Europe Network’s networking platform. Simply complete a document in English with your business proposal (offer or request), the description of your activity, and the type of business cooperation you are looking for: commercial agreement (commercial agent, distributor, subcontracting, franchisee, licenses), investment agreement, outsourcing agreement, or supplier agreement. Your Enterprise Europe Network advisor creates the profile on the platform and connects you with companies that mark an expression of interest in your profile.
  • You can do an advanced search yourself on the platform that contains more than 3000 profiles, indicating your search criteria at the level of products or services, the type of partner, the type of agreement sought, the target country. You then get the profiles that match your search criteria. If you identify one or more companies with which you would like to connect, contact your Enterprise Europe Network advisor. It will establish the relationship in close connection with its counterpart in the Enterprise Europe Network in the country concerned.

After, it’s up to you to play at the level of commercial negotiation. At the same time, you can benefit from advice from your Enterprise Europe Network advisor on the commercial contract and regulations in force in the country of your potential partner.

In short, you can search for business partners to manufacture, distribute, co-develop and provide your products, ideas and services.

Find a partner in three steps:

1. Search the global partnership database based on your criteria
2. Express your interest by informing Enterprise Europe Brussels about your company in order to create a profile on the platform and also put you in contact with companies that you have identified as interesting for a first contact. If your company is not located in Brussels, contact your local network partner in your country/region.
3. We put you in touch with interested partners

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