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We have already published in the last days some articles related to cascade funding opportunities available for SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups and mid-cap.

We focussed the attention on opportunities related to Mobiliy/Transport/Automotive, digital & smart manufacturing, micro-electronics, greentech, aeronautics / space / defence / ICT, textile, health / agrifood.

Even tough we introduced the principle of a cascade funding scheme, Enterprise Europe Brussels wants to add a few lines to « dejargonise » the concept and help the potential beneficiaries to easily catch what’s in for them via these calls.

The European Commission define them as follows:  » Cascade funding, also known as Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP), is a Commission mechanism to distribute public funding in order to assist beneficiaries, such as start-ups, scale-ups, SME and/or mid-caps, in the uptake or development of digital innovation. It also starts from an ongoing project on which these beneficiaries can be added during the course of the project. »

Compared to the « normal » funding schemes for R&I, cascade funding is a more user-friendly application scheme especially dedicated to the above-mentioned players which allows some on-going EU-funded projects to publish their own open calls for further funding.

It’s therefore an easy way for entrepreneurs from start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and mid-caps to make the experience of EU collaborative project while supporting the uptake or development of digital innovation.

If you are interested in one of the cascade funding published in our pages, do not hesitate to ask our support !! Send a request to bene@hub.brussels

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