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In the context of a strategy which aims to support the transition to a sustainable food system, the European Commission announced an initiative for a Framework for Sustainable Food Systems which will be putted forward in 2023. This survey will gather the views of SMEs to this policy initiative.

The Framework for Sustainable Food Systems will be a horizontal framework law, aiming to facilitate the transition to sustainability and ensure that food placed on the EU market become increasingly sustainable. It will lay down definitions, general principles and objectives and set the foundation for requirements and responsibilities to be defined for all actors in the EU food system. It will also include provisions for a food sustainability labelling framework and provisions for sustainable public procurement of food. It will seek to empower consumers and public authorities to make sustainable food choices.

If your company is active in the food sector, could you answer this survey before 31 October 2022. As Enterprise Europe Network’s contact point for Brussels companies, BECI is distributing the survey in order to provide the European Commission with feedback from the companies concerned on future legislation.

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